How to add AC Ceilling?

    • Tap on Devices present at the bottom of your screen and select Add Device. Under Add A Device, tap on Air Conditioner.

    • Select AC CEILING. Push power button of the controller pointing towards the Hub as shown in the figure within 2 - 3 cms or select the brands available or tap on Search More to configure from the list of available devices. Select your AC and enter the model number of your AC in the search bar. Now, select your desired AC. If you do not find your model, tap Unable to find Model. For example, we have selected DAIKIN AC in our case.

    • Make sure that the Eazy is in the line of sight of your AC. Then tap the Power button on the screen. If your AC responds, then tap YES. If not, tap NO to check the other available models. Follow on-screen instructions to proceed further.

    • Check if all the keys on the ‘remote’ screen are working. If yes tap OK else tap Not Working to select the model again or create your own IR Remote. Enter the device information and tap Done.

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