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The list of devices that can be controlled by Amazon Alexa

Category type Device Name Alexa
Remotes Air Conditioner Yes
Audio Amplifier Yes
Disc Player Yes
Media Box Yes
Projector Yes
Satellite Receiver/Dtd/Cable Yes
Sound Bar Yes
Television Yes
Lighting LIFX Light 02664b No
LIFX Light 10a6d4 No
Hue Ambiance Downlight Yes
Hue color downlight1 Yes
Hue color lamp 1 Yes
Hue Light Strips Yes
Hue Bloom Yes
Hue White Light Yes
Cree Connected Bulb (ZIGBEE) Yes
Audio Devices Play 1 No
Play 3 No
Play 5 No
Switches & Controls Fibaro RGBW Controller Yes
Aeon Curtain Controller Yes
Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 Yes
Aeon Micro Double Smart Energy Switch Yes
Aeon Dual Nono Switch Yes
Fibaro Double Switch 2 Yes
Aeon Labs Micro Dimmer Yes
Aeon Labs Micro Smart Energy Dimmer Yes
Aeon Nono Dimmer Yes
Fibaro Dimmer 2 Yes
Aeon Labs Micro Smart Energy Switch Yes
Aeon Labs Smart Switch Gen 6 Yes
Aeon Nono Switch Yes
Fibaro Relay Switch Yes
Fibaro Single Switch2 Yes
Gliderol Controller No
Security & Safety Beseye Cam Yes
Nest Cam No
B.One Motion Sensor No
B.One Motion Sensor 2 No
AdditioNol Z-Wave Motion Sensor  
Aeon Labs Multi Sensor (Gen 6) No
Fibaro Multi Sensor No
AdditioNol Z-Wave Multi Sensor  
B.One Smart Sensor No
B.One Smart Sensor 2 No
AdditioNol Z-Wave Open/Close Sensor  
B.One Siren Yes
AdditioNol Z-Wave Siren  
Fibaro Universal Sensor No
Energy Management Aeontec Three phase Energy Meter No
Insteon Switch Linc On/Off Dual Band No
On/Off OutLet No
Keypad Linc On/Off No

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